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About Heather

Heather joined the PCDH19 Alliance in 2012 as a board member and Treasurer. She has also functioned as the interim CFO and currently as Secretary.

Heather lives in California with her husband, 2 sons, and 3 cats. She works with the Operations Department and Laboratory at a wastewater treatment plant. In her free time she enjoys reading and baking (though spare time is sparse). Heather became involved with the PCDH19 Alliance when her best friend, whom she has known since childhood, found out her daughter was affected by PCDH19 Epilepsy. Given the lack of information about the disease at the time, and the lack of ways to connect with other families with an affected relative, this friend, now the PCDH19 Alliance President Julie Walters, decided to dedicate herself to this cause with the help of the other determined founders and formed the PCDH19 Alliance in order to support and fund research. Given all of the hard work these families put forth for such a worthwhile cause, there was no way she could not offer to help in any way she could.


Heather’s hopes for the PCDH19 Alliance are to first and foremost fund groundbreaking research which will find a cure for all of those affected by PCDH19 Epilepsy. A close second is for the Alliance community to continue to grow and nurture each other. Heather has been exposed to many truly incredible people through this work who are able to inspire, lift up, and channel their love and compassion to others even when they might be in the midst of a personal low themselves. This sense of true community is a beautiful and soulful thing, even though what led to it was one of pain and frustration. The PCDH19 Alliance is a family that Heather is proud and grateful to be a part of.

Help us find a cure. There are so many ways you can get involved.

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