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About Julie

Julie Walters co-founded the PCDH19 Alliance after her daughter, Violet, was diagnosed with PCDH19 Epilepsy. She currently serves as Board President.

With a B.A from U.C. Davis, a Master’s in Special Education, and years of experience, Julie launched The Connected Parent, a free search platform connecting parents to autism, ADHD, behavior, mental health, and other disability resources, in 2023. The crowdsourced database was inspired by the friends she’d made in the rare disease community and other families living with disabilities across the country, all of whom faced the same frustrations with time-consuming and outdated internet searches, online support group deep dives, and general misinformation when researching the services their children so desperately deserved. In addition to providing authentic, up-to-date, and easy-to access recommendations and reviews, the site has succeeded in creating a community of families, providing connection and support.

Julie, a California native, lives and works in Novato with her husband, two children, and one incredible service dog named Daisy. When she’s not busy with The Connected Parent, you can find Julie volunteering with the PCDH19 Alliance, hiking and running the golden hills of the San Francisco Bay Area, and day-tripping to Tahoe to participate in their sports programs for families with disabilities.

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