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Pegan Wade is my beautiful 6 year old daughter. She was born on 8.7.08. She began having seizures when she was 9 months old. Her father was getting ready to feed her a bottle and she went stiff and then limp in his arms. He was so scared, and it took him a minute to figure out what had happened. After calling 911, he called me. We went to the hospital and were there for a week with medications and various testing.That is when they found out she had PCDH19. Since then, Pegan has been on multiple medications, and has come close to 1 year marks on no seizures twice during our experience. After reading multiple other stories of the other little girls on here, I have realized I am lucky that Pegan's medication controls her seizures pretty darn well. She struggles more with her, ADD, OCD, Sensory Issues, and Behavioral Issues that we face on a daily basis. Even through all of her medicine changes and medical issues that we face, Pegan is pretty amazing!! She is funny, strong, and so very lovable. She loves to play, jump, swing, and do puzzles, (which is her specialty). I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

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