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Are you looking for an assignment writing service? Get the academic writing help from the assignment helper with chat support. for more information read my blog: A Brief Description of Mcdonald's Marketing Mix The marketing mix of McDonald’s Corporation involves approaches that meet business concerns in different markets around the world. As you may know, the marketing mix (4Ps) defines the strategies and tactics that McDonald's uses to get to the target customers in terms of products, place, promotion, and price (the 4Ps). If you wish to conduct Mcdonalds 4Ps and 5Ps case study analysis, take note of the following points. 1.McDonald’s Products (product mix): McDonald's has a product mix that mainly includes food and beverage products. It has the following main product lines: Sandwiches and hamburgers Salads Chicken and fish Snacks and sides Beverages Desserts and shakes McCafe Breakfast/all-day breakfast Among the 4Ps, products are an essential determinant of McDonald's brand image. It is primarily known for its burgers. However, the company gradually expands its product mix. If you are writing an essay on McDonald’s marketing mix, you can use this information for essay help. 2.Place/distribution in McDonald’s marketing mix: The venues or locations are where the products are offered and where customers can access them. The main places through which the company distributes its products are: Kiosks Restaurants Postmates website and app, and others McDonald's mobile apps McDonald's restaurants are the places where the company generates most of its sales revenues. You can ask for History homework help on the topic from online experts if there is any doubt. 3.McDonald’s promotional mix: This variable focuses on marketing communications with target customers. The company uses the following tactics in its promotional mix, arranged according to significance in the business: Sales promotions Advertising Public relations Direct marketing The company emphasises advertising as its main approach to promoting its products. There are websites where you can find thesis help on this topic. 4.McDonald’s prices and pricing strategies: This part of the marketing mix specifies the price points and prices of the company’s food and beverage products. The idea is to use prices to maximise profit margins and sales volume. McDonald’s uses a combination of the following pricing strategies. Bundle pricing strategy Psychological pricing strategy In the bundle pricing strategy, the company offers meal sets and other product bundles for prices that are discounted. This element of the marketing mix highlights the importance of bundle pricing and psychological pricing to encourage customers to buy more products. You can build your case study on this information without asking for dissertation help from experts. Source:

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