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I would like to have a list of the top value (the ones we should buy with the highest discounts) of this group by average worth and market share. I am wondering if you can help me here as I have no idea where to start to be honest. The style should like something like this: Name Avg. Worth Avg. Share Market Share EBP: Collier EBP: Nozière EBP: Redibaffier EBP: Romosanta ... I am open to any suggestions. A: As long as you have groupby() on the column that you sort on, you can use df.groupby(['Name'])['Average Worth', 'Average Share'] to get the average values for each group. If you want to ignore instances of the groupby() argument where the name does not exist, you can search for those invalid names in df.groupby(df.Name.fillna(''))['Average Worth', 'Average Share'] and assign them an 0 average worth and share, so you don't see them. df.assign(Product = df.Name.fillna(''), Average_Worth = df.groupby(['Name'])['Average Worth', 'Average Share'] \ .transform(lambda x: 0 if len(x) == 0 else x)) \ .dropna() \

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Student Newspaper - WAC's, WAHE's and AAHE's

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