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macOS Big Sur: What you need to know

Improved user interface

The differences between Apple's mobile and desktop operating systems are obvious, with macOS feeling a bit dated compared to iOS. So nowit more easy to use paper scanning machine. With Big Sur, Apple finally embraced the macOS user interface and implemented its first major change since the release of Mac OS X.

"Depth, shadows, and transparency are used to create a hierarchy," Alan Day, vice president of human-machine. interfaces, he said at WWDC20. . "This new material is rich and useful" lecture.

Apple changed the built-in app icons to look more like iOS icons, while retaining the "personality of a Mac," as Apple says. The dock marked with the program icon appears to float on the screen. The app's toolbar and sidebar are much cleaner, and buttons disappear when not in use.

Apple has also updated the menu bar to make it more usable. It is now transparent and the menu looks cleaner with more space. Apple has also added the Control Center to the menu bar to serve as the iOS Control Center. It gives you access to various system controls, such as network connection, screen brightness, volume, and music controls. Like iOS, you can customize it with whatever you want. If a control center will always be part of the menu bar, you can drag it out of the control center to the menu bar.

Notification menu bar icon missing in Big Sur. You can access the notification center by clicking the time in the menu bar, you can now click notifications and widgets in the center for more information. Big Sur also has a gallery that shows all the widgets (including third-party widgets) that you can add to your notification shade.

Apple has also improved system sounds. They are differences in the sounds we all know from the previous versions, so they are both recognizable and new. Message


On a Mac The iOS version has a lag in functionality. Apple changed the Big Sur by switching the iOS version of Mac Catalyst to the Mac version of Messages.

Messages now have an improved search feature that makes it easy to find what you're looking for in the message list. Search results are grouped into discussions that highlight search terms, links (web URLs), and images.

Apple has made several improvements to the tools used to write messages. The updated photo picker lets you find photos and videos to send faster. Your name, photo, or Memoji can be set to be automatically shared with people you communicate with, whether that person is in your contact list or not. Speaking of Memoji, Apple offers a Memoji editor to customize your look, and the new Memoji stickers can be used to convey feelings and thoughts graphically. The new #images feature helps you find GIFs and images online.

Additional messaging features help you organize conversations. You can join up to nine conversations at the top of the list, and the PIN will also appear on your iPhone and iPad. In group chats, you can reply to specific messages to maintain context. You don't have to worry about your response to the tides. You can also set images for group chats to separate them from others.

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