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Run For a Cure

Are you a runner? Do you know a runner? Dedicate your next run to finding a cure for PCDH19 Epilepsy. We can show you how!

Taking Steps Matters!

You'll be taking an important step toward finding a Cure  and supporting families living with PCDH19. It’s as simple as slipping on your running shoes and bringing a child a few steps closer to the research and answers that will change their lives. Through the generous support of people like you, many children and families have hope for a future without seizures and other life-altering issues caused by PCDH19.
If you enjoy running - or if you’d simply like to participate in some exercise that will have an impact reaching far beyond your own health - this opportunity is for you! 
Fundraising is easy, and we give you everything you need to be successful! 
From a personal fundraising website to personal support from a fundraising coach, we will support you every step of the way. Please email Leslie for more details or select your race, select PCDH19 Alliance as your charity and get started.Run for a reason and be a PCDH19 Alliance Hero! 
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